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Astralojia: Episode 1 is Updated and It's Now FREE

Posted by: astralojia on steam_community_announcements February 9, 2020

After re-writing the screenplay for the first 12 episodes of the series I realized that in order to translate to other languages properly, there wasn't any need to have free roaming gameplay or keep the series in a more traditional RPG format, especially considering the whole battle system works off of skill bars.

So, I took out free roaming and made the game into just cutscenes with battles. All of the sudden it makes waaaay more sense. It's just the direction that the series needed, it's not only much more engaging, but now I don't have to deal with random NPCs and pointless walking simulator moments.

This does, though, mean that the gameplay is now much shorter, so I'm making Episodes 1 and 2 free of charge to play. There are no catches, there will be no DLC. Future episodes after that depending on demand will cost money.

Other improvements include:

  • No more 'controller only'! Now you can use just a mouse or a mouse and keyboard to play.
  • Graphics Updates, more brush, more polished scenes.
  • Created DVD Menu for when compilations of Episodes will be released.
  • Re-polished each scene.
  • Re-polished a lot of the music, and added in the ending song 'Day of Fate'.
  • Made the text boxes black.
  • Everything now is animated graphically, from the sky moving to the bushes and trees swaying in the wind.

These were all HUGE updates taken with all of the feedback that everyone has been providing me.

Please enjoy the series and share it with people you know if you can.

Astrah Cat


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Astralojia: Episode 1

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