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Posted by: One_Man_Machine on steam_community_announcements February 9, 2020

Customizations are here

[h2]Game features[/h2]

  • Finishing Oculus Quest version
  • Customizations

    1. every 5th level a secondary gun variant is unlocked
    2. Win at least 20 games to unlock a hero skin
    3. Use earned credits( by levelling up or completing achievements) to buy new primary weapon skins

  • Cloud saves
  • - If dsh is run not via steam, quit and run it via steam ( to make sure the cloud id for the achievements used is the one from steam and not generated)
  • - when in demo(F2P) version, no stats are collected except per hero (games, wins, playtime), only first 9 heroes are available, no shop
  • - shotguns now better shoots comming cores


  • - fixed base showing low poly shield in PC version
  • - Quest: use always device ID
  • - Show corret name on the ranking board after changing it and finishing a game
  • - fixed underscore not working in the hero input name area
  • - change the player input text board behaviour
  • - show the low poly models in the damage summary instead of the high poly
  • - fix text blurriness in victim/killers ranking board
  • - fix error when running the game for the first time the achievements are sent
  • - fix Rage not increasing it's collider when in berserk mode
  • - show selected heroes that are in not active row ( in the lobby)
  • - fix wrong secondary weapon showing up in the shop
  • - make sure to give up hero when leaving lobby
  • - fix most played hero being assigned to the wrong hero
  • - create particle systems for repeating actions ( drone explosion, rolling, pickup)
  • - unequip shop weapons when going into the lobby
  • - fixed GUi position on hand guns
  • - added quit buttons to the death screen
  • - when two users choose the same hero, they will both be refused and hero deselected
  • - fix when user managed to join a private game even though the game has already started
  • - fixed when tower would not put back shield
  • - fixed when user couldn't create a lobby after finishing a game
  • - show achievements done in previous round

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Update 2.1.3

Dead Shot Heroes - March 30, 2020

- [Interceptor][Marekers] reduced cooldrown from 60/55/50 to 40/35/30

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Dead Shot Heroes

FPS MOBA designed for VR compatible with non VR

Developer: Martin Kutlak

Publisher: Martin Kutlak