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Build 1117 Update and new UI improvements

Posted by: marrs on steam_community_announcements February 7, 2020

The first update of the new UI public beta is here! Although it’s taken a bit longer than anticipated, we’ve addressed a lot of issues as you can see from the changelog below. We held off on this release for a bit longer than we anticipated, as we felt we had to get a number of problems fixed in this next update. Going forward we anticipate we can get roughly two updates per month done for the new UI, with smaller fixes and added features, and also addressing a few other issues in every new build. Below the changelog below we’ve added some known issues and work in progress, This is not an exhaustive list but should cover what we’re currently looking to release in the next updates or are working on for a later update. As always we would like to give a big thanks to you, the rFactor 2 community, for the detailed reports and feedback.

Read all about the detailed changes here:

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Welcome to the new Zandvoort!

rFactor 2 - May 3, 2020

The weather along the Dutch coastline this weekend was rather typical for May. The sun and clouds both fight for attention. Trying to make their presence felt to the people on the beaches below. But this was not supposed to be a normal weekend. An enormous amount of people would have flooded the area, cheering for their favorite driver, enjoying the fast cars that would have graced the beautiful track of Zandvoort. Then everything changed.

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