Posted by: Prime World Official on steam_community_announcements February 5, 2020


Lords and Ladies!

Maintenance is over, and the Heroes are ready to rush into battlefields!



  • The Dance of the Fans ultimate can no longer be used on invisible enemies;
  • The On a Chain ultimate now properly immobilizes the enemy.


  • When Master's Colors is upgraded, the Heroine's attack no longer deals double damage to flags, lanterns and the like;
  • Fixed a typo in the description of Contrast.


  • Fixed a situation when the Hero remained lying on the battlefield after his death.

[h3]Absolute Dominance[/h3]

  • Fixed an issue when the Predator's Dominance upgrade didn't increase bonus damage of the talent;
  • The Warrior's Dominance talent now properly deals bonus damage to soldiers.

See you on the battlefields!

Always yours,
Prime World team

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