Updated Roadmap and New Modding Additions

Posted by: Raven on steam_community_announcements January 31, 2020

Hi folks,

I have already started working on the next DLC 'The War for Roverford', which will be released some time in April/Early May. I will be giving you more details on that as we go, but suffice to say that the focus will be an all-out War. And as such the first wave of modding additions and new mechanics will be focused on improving various Ally systems.

Below you can find a brief summary of the Roadmap and the latest patch notes, which will be mostly of interest to modders.

Roadmap for February, March & April 2020

  • Character Sheet & Deck Builder improvements/additions
  • Adventure Mode improvements/additions
  • Modding Additions (new Action effects, new Enemy AI responses, new Game Mode options, expansion of the Events system with new features etc.)
  • DLC2: The War for Roverford

Patch Notes - v1.045

[h2] New Action Effects & Expanded Effects [/h2]

Adding special abilities to allies

  • (New Composite Effect) AddAllySpecial[Card]:1, Allied Permanent gains 'Card' as Special.
  • The difference between ChangeAllySpecial[Card]:1, is that the effects are added along with any existing ones.
  • The fallback Defensive Stance counts as not having an ability and is replaced
  • Allies can gain this way up to a total of 4 different specials
  • i.e AddAllySpecialBroadsword (M):1, give the Broadsword (M) card as a special to the ally.

Adding types to allies

  • (New Composite Effect) AddAllyType[Type]:1, Allied Permanent becomes 'Type' (in addition to its Types).
  • The difference between ChangeAllyType[Card]:1, is that the types are added along with any existing ones.
  • Allies can gain this way up to a total of 4 different types.
  • i.e AddAllyTypeVampire:1, give the Vampire type to the Ally.
  • i.e AddAllyType(Passive):1, give the (Passive) type to the Ally (Ally can no longer attack)
  • If the ally has more than 4 Special or Types the effect is ignored and a relevant message appears in the log.

Mentor Cards

  • (New Keyword) Mentor:1, You can target Allied Permanents with 'Mentor' cards to grant them the 'Mentor' card as a Special Ability.
  • Any additional card effects that can affect the Target Ally (or you) resolve normally.
  • Ally has to be valid target for the Mentor effect to take place. i.e if you want a 'Mentor' card not to Mentor Undead allies, specify the target archetype as non-Undead.
  • Mentor cards can otherwise be used normally i.e on Enemies or You.
  • A card can have both Mentor & AddAllySpecial[Card] and if the ally has enough special slots they'll get both the [Mentor Card] & [Specified Card] as special
  • The mentored ally can now produce the mentor cards as skills & pass the knowledge on to other allies. (As such balance them costs accordingly.)

Expending Rations as an additional/alt Cost

  • (Composite Effect Expanded) ExpendBuff[Resource]:x, expanded to work with Rations.
  • ie. ExpendBuffRations:1, Unless spend 1 Ration the Action will fizzle.

Unravel can trigger effects

  • (New Composite Effect) UnravelEffect[Effect]:x, If a card with this effect is in your Hand when you End your Turn: Discard it. Create & Play a (Level 0) Card with [Effect] x.
  • ie. UnravelEffectDiscard:2, if this card is in your hand you discard it along with two other cards
  • ie. UnravelEffectAoE:3, if this card is in your hand you discard it and all enemies take 3 All damage
  • Some effects can't work in the Unravel step i.e ChooseOne, Clairvoyancy and other dialog opening effects can't work at this step
  • ie. UnravelEffectClairvoyance:2, won't work as the dialog can't open during the unravel phase. But you can give UnravelEffectClairvoyance*:2 (synergy).
  • Unravel effect supports limited scripting effects (the card text parser won't render this properly / override is required in this case)
  • ie. UnravelEffectDrain*=4;Healing=13:1, gain +4 Drain Synergy and Heal 13 hp
  • ie. UnravelEffectUnquestionable [email protected]=1;Healing=-3:1, create an Unquestionable loyalty in your hand.

Misc Changes

  • Updated the Localization file
  • Added Collision to Ally Cards to prevent them from hiding behind each other (happens if you summon an ally by targeting an ally). The hidden ally will move on each own back into his proper position.
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