Overhead wires! v2.25

Posted by: Franks on steam_community_announcements January 30, 2020


Today's update is a great one, Rolling line is finally getting overhead wires!
This update adds the ability to "paint" overhead wires on to track (in the same way as bridges & tunnels) and place various types of masts to hold the wires up.

The second part of this update (coming next week) is going to add a new electric train along with pantographs to actually make use of these new overhead wires.

But in the meantime you can make electrified layouts in anticipation!

Since the positioning of wires is based on track, I recommend designing your trackwork around how you want the wires organized.
Wires will always connect one end of a track segment to the other end, so using smaller segments will result in more joints, and longer segments will result in less:


A very useful new feature that's been added is the ability for certain props to snap on to track!

This means that the new wire masts, tunnel entrances and buffers all now snap on to the ends of track, which makes life much easier:


There are a ton of different variations of wire styles and attachable masts.
You can use single standalone masts, or even large gantry's that span multiple tracks. Here are a bunch of great examples of overhead wires in use:


On a side note, I also added a paintable prop version of the new shipping container model used for the double-stack freight wagons:


It's awesome to finally add electrification into Rolling Line, and it's going to be even better once you've got some electric trains to make use of them!

The next update is going to add the Brazilian V8 (very similar to a certain "little joe") along with pantograph support for QuickMods, and I'm sure there will be more electric locos coming to Rolling Line in the future.


In the meantime, enjoy using the new overhead wires!

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