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The Awakened Update (v1.1) | New Game Mode, Pets, and More!

Posted by: Nick Lives on steam_community_announcements January 24, 2020


Awaken your senses in The Awakened Update! A brand new unlockable game mode, complete with new enemies, unlockable pets, and rules for those hungry for a fresh challenge. Full info below:


ːdeeperskullː New Game Mode: "Awakened Mode"

After discovering the bottom, seasoned adventurers will find a peculiar "Wake Lantern" appearing in their catalog. This is your ticket into a brand new hardcore game mode with its own set of quirks and rewards.


ːdeeperskullː Perma-Perma Death:

In Awakened Mode, you reveal the true nature of The Living Infinite through your wake lantern, but it comes at the cost of your mortal souls. Revival is no longer an option, once a crew member dies, they die for good. This also means players can't join an Awakened Mode game mid-way through, so make sure you have a full crew prepared before your voyage!


ːdeeperskullː New Foes:

The truth of the lantern reveals new dangerous entities in each biome, and attracts attention from a terrifying presence - The Shambler.


ːdeeperskullː The Shambler:

The Shambler will pursue your crew relentlessly throughout your journey. Though what it wants is uncertain, it certainly seems interested in taking your crew members to strange, alien dimensions, each with different properties. It can't be killed, so it's best to just stay out of its grasp.


ːdeeperskullː Pets:

The lantern reveals more than just new dangers however, it also seems to cause a strange collision of realities, resulting in the creation of a wide variety of friendly critters. Find these reality collisions and break them open to reveal new unlockable friends - just know some accidents of nature are cuter than others...


ːdeeperskullː New Rank - Acolyte:

Finally, for those who have dedicated themselves to the abyss long enough, a new rank awaits, along with two new horrifying rewards to honor their newfound dedication to the things that lie in the deep.


Thanks again to all of the brave crews that tested the waters in the beta version, so that we can bring you the final version of We Need To Go Deeper's first free content update! Happy diving as always, and let us know what you think of the new content!

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