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DevBlog #3.5 "New UI"

Posted by: MikoGot on steam_community_announcements January 21, 2020

Hey everyone,
Welcome to the third and a half devblog of the IAYP game. Not that long ago we came back from holiday, so video devblogs are delayed.

We are taking our time to improve upon our game. New UI, more features like investing in projects or discovering new technology, new options like stealing tech from other countries, playing through it to see what needs to be fixed or just improved.

New UI

Here are the list of progress of upgrading UI.

[h3]Dialogue and Statistics Bar[/h3]

[h3]Cabinet Management[/h3]

[h3]New Cards[/h3]

New Starting Window

New Cards and Decks Manager

Won and Lost Windows

[h3]And more to come...[/h3]
We are implementing new UI for map mechanics, social media, speeches, acts, press conference, tech tree and projects lists.

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We’ve been silent for a while now, since the release date is coming and we have much to do. Still, we want to stay in touch with you! For starters, it would be great to know which part of the game are you most excited about? Is it the nonlinear narrative, the possibility of starting a war, writing social media posts, balancing the budget, the realistic plots, the humorous ones, being faced with the difficult choices, following the party line, or something completely different? Let us know in the comments!

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