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Football, Tactics Glory is coming to consoles soon!

Posted by: _K_o_S_ on steam_community_announcements January 15, 2020


Digital version of Football, Tactics & Glory Coming to PlayStation 4, Xbox One and Nintendo Switch on January 22. In the US, it will be available a bit later - in February.

The retail version of the game will be available only for Germany and Austria. Maybe, in the UK and France too. German players can already pre-order the retail version from this store.

this store][img]{STEAM_CLAN_IMAGE}/8937755/6768c47c801ac1e0f10b5ccdfc175c1bf6f60d40.jpg[/img]

The console version is totally the same as the Steam version. It also includes the last huge update.

The only difference is that there won't be users' modifications. Also, you won't be able to upload your own files into the game. However, you will still be able to edit leagues, players, team, logotypes, weather etc using in-game editors.

But everything else is the same: the fun from controlling the club, the pleasure from making the tactical and strategical decisions, the inner satisfaction from seeing your player who used to be a young perspective weakling to become a top-notch forward.

What makes the console version more satisfying is that you can bring your friends and play your own hot-seat tournaments in front of TV on a couch instead of sitting tightly near one PC. ːcannonshotː

Football, Tactics & Glory

It's an original combination of turn-based strategy and RPG. Create a football team, play matches, earn XP, train skills, learn new classes, upgrade facilities, buy and sell footballers, grow youth, make hard choices. It's a deep strategy which respects your time.

Developer: Creoteam

Publisher: Creoteam,Toplitz Productions