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Containment Initiative 1.65 Released

Posted by: CIDev on steam_community_announcements January 9, 2020

Tonight I'm releasing the 1.65 update for Containment Initiative. This update brings a new zombie type, structural multiplayer changes, and some quality of life features.


Armored Zombie:

This zombie is a SWAT team member that got bitten and turned. His armor plating makes him a very tough target to take out. His body armor prevents you from knocking him back as well. In addition to the armor, some carry smoke grenades on their shoulders. If you accidentally hit the smoke grenade, it will set off and spray smoke everywhere(Which makes for a very stressful experience if you hear runners or mutants approaching!).


Online (VR/VR)Multiplayer Update:

I've thrown out the old multiplayer match structure in favor of a much more robust version. Before, you and a friend could hop into a map together and a round would last for 3 minutes. It was very short and not very challenging.

This new update lays the foundation that I'm going to expand upon in the future for online VR to VR multiplayer. It adds lots of challenge, leaderboards, and an extra map to play in.

Now you and a friend can hop into a map and try to last as long as you possibly can. There is a linear increase in challenge the longer you survive, and the new armored zombie adds significant challenge to the multiplayer. Leaderboards have also been added to all multiplayer maps, and the Tunnel map has been added to online multiplayer as well.

In testing, I'm seeing matches last around the 10 minute mark, which is about what I'm shooting for. The old iteration was much too short and without leaderboards, there really wasn't much of a reason to play.

This new structure for multiplayer is going to set the stage for bringing more maps(including the scavenge maps that I know everyone wants) and is going to allow me to introduce some online multiplayer only progression to the game in future updates.

Quality of Life Features:

Audio settings have now been added to the game to allow for master audio adjustment.

All items have had their colliders extended to aid in picking them up without your controller needing to be perfectly connected with them.

Lots of network optimization to support longer matches without disconnects.

Questions? Come join the Discord:

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Containment Initiative

Containment Initiative is a local co-op VR shooter which can be played by two people on the same PC. Kill zombies alone in VR or have a friend cover you by using the mouse and keyboard. Features include realistic weapon reloading as well as a variety of unlockable guns, upgrades, and loot to find.

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