Difficulty level

Posted by: BIgGame on steam_community_announcements January 14, 2020

In some city building games the player has a way to choose or change the difficulty level. In MYK the game gets more difficult the further it progresses and you can't choose the level of difficulty yourself. At least that's how it is so far! What do you prefer: being able to choose the difficulty level or to follow the game algorithms?
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The House

Make Your Kingdom - February 14, 2020

Every person needs a place in a House - this is one of your citizens' primary needs. If you won't be able to make sure that everyone has a place to live in, homeless citizens will turn into orcs and leave the city. Orcs in the wild is a threat to your settlement. Your buildings can also start to collapse and you'll find out how to prevent their destruction very soon!

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Make Your Kingdom

Low poly town building game. Your goal is to build a settlement and track the citizens’ needs. Every citizen has a unique character! Depending on the mood and happiness level they can help develop or destroy the city.

Developer: yo_serjio

Publisher: yo_serjio