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Frost Hedgehog Event

Posted by: [CM]badidol on steam_community_announcements January 7, 2020

Frost Hedgehog Event
08/01/2020 (9 AM) to 05/02/2020 (8:59 AM)
1. Frost Hedgehog's Gratitude
During the event, Desperate Frost Hedgehogs will appear in normal dungeons.

They must be rescued to successfully complete the daily quest!

Frost Hedgehogs will not appear in the following areas: fields, PvP, Varnimyr Raid, special dungeons, event dungeons, guild dungeon, Ruben dungeons.

Quest Name




[EVENT] Free Frost Hedgehogs!

Rescue 3x Desperate Frost Hedgehogs

30x [CoBo] Highly Concentrated Recovery Potion
1x [CoBo] Token of Gratitude

Level 10+,
per account





7x [CoBo] Token of Gratitude

1x Luriel's Cube containing Frost Hedgehog One-Piece

1x [CoBo] Token of Gratitude

20x [CoBo] Highly Concentrated Recovery Potion

- Can be exchanged with Aranka until 05/02/2020, 8:59 AM.

Cube Name



Luriel's Cube containing Frost Hedgehog One-Piece

1x Aranka's Adventurer Frost Hedgehog (Elsword-Laby)

- The contents match the character who opens the cube.
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