Alpha 20.1.10

Posted by: NateT_Bird on steam_community_announcements January 11, 2020

The first update brings many changes. Here is a rundown of the key differences.

[h3]New features:[/h3][/h3]
* added a tutorial to the first map
* added a visual effect to indicate how soon the next wave will be
* added visual effects to indicate how many enemies have already spawned in a wave
* added a visual effect to indicate how soon the next enemy will spawn
* added change log button on the main menu screen

[h3]Polish: [/h3]
* auto difficulty adjustment only displays if a value change actually occurred
* reworded auto difficulty tooltips to better explain what it does
* new enemy/tower/functionality pop ups only appear once per play session, until you win the scenario
* lowest difficulty in settings menu is now 80% (was 50%)
* play/pause tooltip says "start first wave" if no waves have been started yet
* removed "are you sure you want to quit" text in top right corner when leaving/reloading a map
* skills in the skills menu are more properly aligned

* adjusting the base difficulty will now affect how much experience you gain multiplicatively (was additive)
* lucid dream novice victory bonus is now +2% exp gain (was +1 bonus skill point)
- reduced the suggested skill level of vision 5a, 5b, 6a, 6b, and 7
- cost increase for leveling up reduced to 25 per level (was 50)
- reduced the health of armored class bosses (from 2 to 1.5 multiplier)
+ increased difficulty of vision 2
- decreased difficulty of vision 4

[h3]Bug fixes:[/h3]
* fixed vision 12 not being playable (sorry about that)
* fixed defeat bonus giving slightly more exp than intended
* fixed misspelled "essence" in multiple places

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[h2]Developer Comments:[/h2]

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Eternal Elements

Melt sand, shatter glass, and rust iron in this epic elemental tower defense game. Combine elemental effects to beat powerful materials. Use cunning strategy and wit to take on impossible challenges. Unlock new abilities and power as you embark on this difficult journey.

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