Improved Encounter generation, Portrait filter and additional DLC resources

Posted by: Raven on steam_community_announcements January 3, 2020

Hi folks,

This is a minor patch, despite the large update size (due to to adding the remaining graphic assets for the DLC).

The most important change regards the encounter generator.

In high-level areas of the adventure mode or in advanced stages of the Gauntlet is now more likely to meet better-leveled groups than before. For instance in Stage 6 normally you could meet enemies from (1 to Stage) Level. Now there will be a much higher chance to meet (Stage-2 to Stage) Level enemies.

In this example 4 to 6 Level enemies instead of 1 to 6 Level. Which as you can guess will increase difficulty significantly if you are unprepared. (And by higher chance I mean if such enemies exist in the Enemy DB then will appear. If not it will fall back to (Stage-4 to Stage) Level and finally to the legacy (1 to Stage Level) if it's impossible to find such enemies.

If that makes things much harder or it's still too easy for you, remember that you can create your own game modes with the in-game mode editor. And adjust enemy stats, resistances & more to adapt the game to your skills.

Passive Allies (added in 1.040.1)

Some of the Allied permanents are now considered "Passive" and are unable to Attack regardless of their Power. They can only use their Special Abilities.

Hideouts, Traps, Barricades and (Passive) type Allies all are treated as "Passive" permanents.

When you try to attack with a "Passive Ally", they won't get exhausted. A message will display in the Combat Log and remind you that you can instead use their Special.

There is also a new portrait filter to declutter the portrait gallery.

if you are using your own portraits, don't like the vanilla portraits or don't like the skimpy vanilla portraits, or just need a few quick options for streaming. (You can still disable all vanilla portraits from the Mod Manager Settings.)

You can read more details below:

Patch Notes v1.040.1

Passive Allies

  • All Allies with the type Hideout, Barricade & Trap count as Passive (they can no longer Attack enemies directly regardless of their Power.)
  • You can add the special type "(Passive)" to any other ally type (including the Parenthesis), to make them unable to Attack. i.e SummonRace:Watchtower (Passive). In this case the Ally counts both as a Watchtower & as a (Passive) Permanent (Can't Attack).
  • Changing an Ally's type (with a card) to any of the Passive types will permanently prevent them from attacking (and vice versa).

Misc Changes

  • Reduced the amount of portraits showing in the portrait menu to 10 per gender
  • Added a checkbox to activate the remaining 75 (this includes Skimpy & Nude portraits, so if you don't like them: keep this checkbox unchecked. You can still disable all the vanilla portraits from the ModManager settings. Current saves using any will still work.)
  • Added 10 New Portraits/Gender featuring characters of the upcoming DLC. Will appear only if the checkbox above is turned on and you can use them regardless if you get the DLC or not.
  • Improved the Encounter generation algorithm. Encounters will be more biased to include higher enemy levels if such enemies exist in the Enemy DB. (EL - 2 to EL (if such enemies exist), EL - 4 to EL (fallback) or 1 to EL (legacy fallback))
  • Added the bulk of the remaining graphic assets for the DLC Expansion.


  • Equipment & Stash cards properly unlock once acquired by the player. You don't need Mastery to use Equipment or Stash Cards (if you somehow acquire cross-discipline Equipment or Actions i.e in the Adventure Mode). For Equipment you still need to meet the level requirements.
  • Primal Perk bonus wasn't displaying on Card (visual issue/it was properly applied).
  • Passing through Elite nodes could in some cases increase the Ambush Chance even with the Ambush ruleset disabled.
  • A couple of dual Environment allies were missing the + in their primary environment causing them to appear only in their alternative environments.
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