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December 29 Content Patch - Hospital Mission

Posted by: Huskinator on steam_community_announcements December 29, 2019

Good Afternoon,

Big Update Today! I will be releasing the new mission for everyone to play! This mission takes place inside of a hospital. A lot of the rooms and hallways are interconnected, so there are many different paths to take and whole lotta corners to watch out for!


Completing the Bonus Objective unlocks a new Assault Rifle...the Shepherd.


Completing all the Bonus Objectives unlocks the Perk: Gadget 2 + (which increases the number of gadgets placed in the second gadget slot by 1).

Main Menu Improvements

Over the course of development, I have added a lot of options for people to customize their playstyle...from Locomotion fixes, to Weapon Handling options and etc. The old options page was getting kind of cluttered and it was hard for newcomers to understand the various options. So the Misc Option board has been reworked to be more user-friendly and understandable. See below for example.


Added a Visual Button Layout for Oculus Touch Controllers on the Controls Board!


Mission 8 - Complete Overhaul

I received feedback that Mission 8 was not too optimized.ːwinter2019sadyulː This was something I actually kinda felt myself...however I wasn't sure if it was just my rig or if it was the level. I've spent awhile trying to get it optimized...however, ultimately, I ended up having to rework a lot of the level structure.

Essentially I had to gut an entire a lot of placements and waypoints/spawnpoints have been changed. On the bright side... the best parts of the 3rd floor have been consolidated into the 2nd and 1st floors, and it's pretty much a whole spanking new level! ːwinter2019happyyulː

Additional Fixes
- Fixed bug where an FPS player running into a corpse would cause it to bug out
- Fixed bug where a dead FPS player can still open/close doors

- Fixed bug for VR player, where tap-firing an automatic weapon will sometimes cause it to just keep firing nonstop

- Adjusted Recoil and Recoil recovery values on most weapons.

- Upgrades to Map 4 - Bank Level. Added an outside boundary fence, and removed alot of unoptimized background assets. The map should run much smoother now. Also redid the cars models on the outside to look better.

- Calling arrest on unsuspecting suspects only slightly increases their "fear" meter by a value of 1 instead of 2. It was slightly overtuned before and the mechanic made the game too easy for some people.

- Improved animations on some civilian models.

Hope everyone enjoys this update! And I wish y'all a happy new year! ːwinter2019happyyulː
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