Book of Heroes, Ascension Chains and the new Plus Modes

Posted by: Raven on steam_community_announcements December 18, 2019

Hi folks,

This build adds two major (and highly anticipated) features in the game: The Book of Heroes & Ascension chains.

Ok. At first glance 'Ascensions' sound a bit hilarious in a game where you can create your own unique game modes mixing all the available 70 rules to your heart's desire, and mod everything.

But still. Bear with me. ;)

What's the Book of Heroes

First let's start with: It will be empty the moment you install this update. It will get populated as you complete or die in runs post this patch.

The 'Book of Heroes' is divided into the 'Book of Paragons' & 'Book of the Fallen', and each part contains the 3 more recent characters that completed or died in a run. The fallen characters aren't used anywhere, but you can see their score, levels and the game mode name. And if you really want, you can still access their save files (but through cheating. See the Save Backup System below). So nothing really exciting in this part, rather than a way to honor those poor souls.

You can spend 20 x Character Level Tokens to Revive a Fallen Hero. The Save-file used is from the node before their demise, but they'll start with at least 10 HP if they had less at the time & in the start (Stage 0) of the Gauntlet. They'll lose all their Rations, Wealth and Run Statistics (Rooms Cleared, Enemies Defeated etc), but will retain everything else.


In the 'Book of Paragons' things get way more interesting. You can now use your Paragon characters to play their next (scripted difficulty/Ascension) or the new (high-level) Adventure+ Mode.



What are the Ascension Chains

And most importantly what's the difference from creating your own Ascension mode/Challenges?

Let's see. If you finished Casual for example, you can now Ascend that character to 'Normal' mode. Ascending to Normal will start you at Stage 4. instead of 1. You will lose your Score Stats (Rooms Cleared, Enemies killed etc.) but will retain everything else (HP/AP/XP, Stats, Decks, Cards, Card XP, Wealth, Perks, Summons in Play, Their XP etc), as if the mode had never ended. You'll also be able to re-play any Unique encounters once more potentially earning different/additional rewards.

So sure the world gets harder, in the usual 'Ascension Mode' sense. But you also get to keep your favorite character and pit them against even harder challenges similar to a 'New Game +' mode. However which New Game+ option you'll get depends on which mode you finished.

Ascending to Ironman or Demigod depending the modes chain (Casual/Normal/Ironman) or (Mentalist/Seer/Demigod) will be much easier than starting from 0 in that mode. You will end up getting more XP, collecting more (and higher level) Cards etc. But this is just a mere preparation for what is coming after: their Endless variants (Ironman+ & Demigod+).

These are much harder variants and feature some additional rules (Discard Phase, Punishing Reinforcements, Decaying Buffs, Truly Unique Allies along with increased enemy Stats) that will certainly make your life in them hell ehm harder. So be prepared well before ascending to them ;)

Modding wise: The Ascension chains are fully moddable and they only care about finding a Game Mode json matching the Ascension name in your Content or Mod folders. It doesn't have to be part of any ModLoader and it can be a custom vanilla Game Mode modification. So for example, if you are using my 'Rs Harmless Synergies' mod, or any custom Game Mode named the same as these: (Casual/Normal/Ironman/Ironman+) or (Mentalist/Seer/Demigod/Demigod+) the Ascension chains will still work and use the modded versions. Modders can also create their own custom Ascension chains.

(Keep in mind that reaching an Endless mode, in practice blocks any further progress/ascension for that character, as the only way to complete the mode is after 1200 stages or by dying.)
Have fun! I am looking forward to hear your feedback on this latest feature and about your adventures in the new 'Ascension' modes. :)

You can read more details in the Patch Notes below.

Patch Notes - v1.037.2

Book of Heroes

  • The most recent 3 Characters that failed & the most recent 3 Characters that succeeded in the run will appear in the book of Heroes
  • Heroes that completed a Run can Ascend to the next Difficulty
  • The current progressions are:

    • Casual - Normal (4) - Ironman (7) - Ironman+ (7)
    • Mentalist - Seer (7) - Demigod (10) - Demigod+ (10)
    • For custom difficulties the only progression is Ironman+, after the Stage of completion i.e if the last Stage was 8, Ironman+ will start there.
    • Alternatively you can choose to play in Adventure+ which is a higher level / higher difficulty Dynamic Sandbox/Adventure mode

  • Once a hero Ascends to the next difficulty their save file is deleted and a new save is created in the Resume slot. If no game is active, the new game starts automatically using the save in the 'Resume' slot, otherwise 'Restart' is invoked. You can then manually 'Resume' playing with the ascended Character.
  • You can look up Ironman+, Demigod+ & Adventure+ in the Codex to see their exact rules but only while a Character is actually using them (they load only on Demand). But in the nutshell they are way much tougher than their namesake modes and Endless. So the only escape from there for your character is death ;)

New Game Mode Options

  • "OverrideNextAscension":"Ascension Name", you can create your own custom Ascension Chains by specifying which Game Mode is the next Ascension of your mode. i.e Adding "OverrideNextAscension":"Bob's Brew", will make "Bob's Brew" the next Ascension game mode after your character completes the current mode.
  • "OverrideNextAscensionStartingStage":x, you can override the default starting stage by specifying an x here. i.e if you want to have a mode playable individually and use a higher stage of it as an ascension. i.e "OverrideNextAscensionStartingStage":3, if the player ascends, they'll start at stage 4.
  • "TrulyUniqueAllies":true", will make all Unique Summon Cards in your DB 'Singleton' & 'Single Use' (while playing this game mode). (Once the Ally is summoned their Summoning card is removed from your Deck, so if they die it's over for them, unless you find another copy of their summoning card.) Only Unique ally cards, that are directly summoned by their card will be affected.
  • If the Adventure mode properties are set to Dynamic you can additionally use the following properties (adding them manually in the Game Mode json files)

    • "AdventureModeEnemyLevelBoost":(int)x, i.e 4. Procedural Stages Enemies get +x Levels i.e a 4-5 Level Area will now become a 8-9 Level Area.
    • "AdventureModeEnemyBossMult":(float)x ie. 2 or 2.3, Non-procedural Stages Enemies & Boss Levels multiplied are multiplied by x then rounded down. i.e A Level 2-3 Area is now Level 4 - 6.

Save Backup System (Infastructure for the Hall of Heroes)

  • When Restarting (Through the Restart Button) your Character's save is stored in [Save Location]/Hall of Heroes/Restarted[x].json before it gets deleted.
  • When Abandoning the Run (Reincarnate in a Failed Run) your Character's save is stored in [Save Location]/Hall of Heroes/Failed[x].json before it gets deleted.
  • When Completing the Run (Reincarnate in a Completed Run) your Character's save is stored in [Save Location]/Hall of Heroes/Completed[x].json before it gets deleted.
  • The 3 more recent character saves are stored in each category and then the slots start to recycle. (Newest save overwrites the oldest save)

Patch v1.037.4 - Hotfix & Addon

Blood Coven Rise

  • Adjusted several Fay cards


  • Empty slots with newer file timestamp (ie of Ascended Heroes) will now be filled up first before replacing the oldest Hero in the Book.
  • Fixed an issue with Deckbuilder not displaying 'locked/unmet-requirement' cards despite them not being skills but stashed cards
  • Quiting immediately after returning to the Adventure Tactical Map wasn't saving properly the Area Completion Rewards

Book of the Fallen (Heroes) - Addon

  • You can spend 20 x Character Level Tokens to Revive a Fallen Hero. The Save-file used is from the node before their demise, but they'll start with at least 10 HP if they had less at the time & in the start (Stage 0) of the Gauntlet. They'll lose all their Rations, Wealth and Run Statistics (Rooms Cleared, Enemies Defeated etc), but will retain everything else.
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