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Beta 2.8.2 Released

Posted by: Drathy on steam_community_announcements December 18, 2019

Following the theme of big minor patches, we present beta 2.8.2, another big minor patch. In this release you'll see a lot of fixes and improvements, but also something a lot of people have been waiting for. Better networking!

Hopefully the days are gone where you would need to do some router wizardry to host a Wayward game. We have implemented Steam networking support. This is all automatic, so you shouldn't have to worry about anything besides staying alive in-game.


And how about all that ash that has been building up from the campfires and water stills? Well, now with a bit of effort, you can turn it into ash cement to build walls and flooring. Reduce, reuse, and recycle!


This holiday season you can also stay cool with a new feature that warns you when attempting to sleep with a lit torch/candle, a long requested feature for the "Warn on Dangerous Actions" option.


Some other related changes to resting/sleeping include:

  • Increased effectiveness of resting or sleeping by fire sources or when using bedding items/doodads.

  • Sleeping will now mitigate hunger and thirst more effectively than just resting.

These are just a few examples of what's in store for this release. On another note, happy early holidays! Hope you get a game or two in!


  • Added support for Steam networking, allowing players to connect to and host multiplayer games where they were not able to before due to networking issues.

  • Added ash cement, crafted from all that leftover ash, to be used for walls and flooring.

  • Added a help article explaining the differences between resting and sleeping and other regenerative bonuses.


  • If "Warn on Dangerous Actions" is enabled, players will now be warned when attempting to sleep with a lit fire source equipped.

  • Terrain can now spawn with differing qualities (like plants, trees, and other doodads do).

  • Consumption stat messages are now condensed into a single message.

  • Messages produced by dismantling and disassembling are now condensed/combined.

  • Improved performance of receiving items from actions, especially for any that returned multiple items (such as from dismantling, disassembling, gathering, decaying items, etc.).

  • Large numbers in the game are now broken up by locale-supported separators (such as commas or periods).

  • Added detail on how score is calculated in the "Challenge Mode" section within the "Game Modes" help article.

  • Drawn maps can now be dismantled.

  • Improved skill descriptions and help to include the fact that skill does impact quality of items gathered or harvested.

  • Sorting items by quality now sorts legendary types as well.

  • Blood is no longer spawned when the damage type is not piercing or slashing.

  • Added more information on the "Milestone Modifier" system within the "Milestones" help article.

Bug Fixes

  • Fixed quests not looking into containers for required items. (Thanks EatAtSardis!)

  • Fixed an error when loading saved games from the Steam Workshop.

  • Fixed an oversight that did not allow you to fish up aberrant mudskippers. (Thanks num ca nem vi!)

  • Fixed the "Seafaring" milestone not unlocking until rejoining a saved game. (Thanks Caerold!)

  • Fixed drawn maps having negative and/or too low durability. (Thanks Zalpha!)

  • Fixed animal dung not counting as compost. (Thanks Davadin!)

  • Fixed creature tooltips returning an incorrect happiness level. (Thanks sol!)

  • Fixed custom game options initial strength applying more strength than intended.

  • Fixed stat modifiers applying more to health than intended. (Thanks bored_o_mir!)

  • Fixed multiple stats display issues on smaller resolutions & ui scales.

  • Fixed a brief screen flash when loading into the game. (Thanks Zalpha!)

  • Fixed servers sometimes showing incorrect regions in the server browser.

  • Fixed the message filter name input not being correct when viewing subsequent filters.

  • Fixed attempting to soothe burn injury messages appearing on permanent burning pain.

  • Fixed an issue where not moving your cursor when crafting/dismantling would not always re-highlight required items in the craft/dismantle. (Thanks blay.paul!)

  • Potentially fixed issues with music switching randomly.

  • Fixed a bug where creatures that turned aberrant would not regenerate their loot to match. (Thanks num ca nem vi!)

  • Fixed dismantling and disassembling saying all items were destroyed when some in fact were returned.

  • Fixed the "Corpse" note not displaying the creature's name.

  • Fixed the protected "P" visual not updating on quickslots when enabling/disabling protected options.

  • Fixed performance issues on certain distributions of Linux.

  • Fixed a grammar issue where you "cooked cooked" food items. (Thanks Arnkh!)

  • Fixed the messages dialog toggle not working correctly if the messages component was hidden.


  • Increased effectiveness of resting or sleeping by fire sources or when using bedding items/doodads.

  • Sleeping will now mitigate hunger and thirst more effectively than just resting.

  • You can now perform actions on rafts that normally would have counted as "in water" or "swimming", disabling you from performing them.

  • You can no longer pet a creature indefinitely. It will reject your advances after a certain happiness and petting threshold is met.

  • Increased the durability of the raft and decreased items required to craft it (also reducing its weight slightly).

  • Reduced reputation gain from petting.

  • Reduced raw clay (and non-clay brick items) weights significantly.

  • Raw clay bricks now require two raw clay to craft.


  • Fixed `Input.setMaxLength`. (Thanks Amax!)

  • Removed named variables present in language files to make it easier for translators.


  • Added a `disableGpuDriverBugWorkarounds` launch option for debugging purposes.

  • Full conversion/version history is now saved in each game save.

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You awake to discover yourself no longer in the company of good men or a fine seafaring vessel. Treasure... you remember something about treasure. Wayward is a challenging turn-based, top-down, wilderness survival roguelike. Explore, build, and most importantly survive in these unforgiving lands.

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