Snow plows! v2.19

Posted by: Franks on steam_community_announcements December 15, 2019

It's time for some Christmas updates!
Today's update adds a range of attachable snow plows which actually clear snow off the tracks!

There are 4 different variations and you can attach them on to any locomotive:


This also comes with several "dynamic snow" props which you can place on the ground which react to the snow plows. These piles of snow will grow in size if the in-game weather is snowy, and if the weather is sunny they will melt.


You can find these new plows and snow pile props in the "Christmas 2019" drawer:


This update also makes a bunch of quality of life improvements which I've been meaning to add to the game for ages. These include:

[h2]New options for custom tables when starting a new game[/h2]
The old tables (from back when Rolling Line was first released) have been removed and replaced by proper editable tables in the custom table room. Old maps made using these tables will still work perfectly fine!
The "new game" menu has been cleaned up and re-organized in general too:

Several changes to settings and defaults[/h2]
These changes will automatically happen when you next launch the game.

  • Dark mode is now the default.
  • The graphics menu has been re-organized a bit, mainly the "custom track view distance" setting is now much easier to find and hopefully makes more sense.
  • The custom track chunk size & map loading settings have been removed (since they only complicated things).
  • The "infinite" object view distance setting option has been removed.
  • Resolution & full-screen are now set properly when you first launch the game. It was previously defaulting to the VR resolution instead of your desktop native resolution.
    This will happen automatically when you next launch the game.

[h2]You can now control trains in miniature outside the cab[/h2]
If you are driving a train then you can now change its speed using Q and E even when outside the cab. You can also press Capslock to sound the horn/whistle. You can also press F to teleport into the cab of the train you are currently controlling.

[h2]Several VR improvements[/h2]
VR has been generally cleaned up and simplified a bit:

  • Selecting objects is now much nicer.
  • Hand physics are now off by default, which means your hands will not collide with the environment. You can turn this setting back on if you wish!
  • Various VR related settings like "distance interaction" have been removed to help clean up the VR controls.
  • The ability in VR to delete props in your hand & enable "clone lock" mode using the up/down actions is now permanently enabled, and the settings for this have been removed.
    When "Clone lock" is enabled you can keep placing props while still keeping the original copy of the prop in your hand! just like holding shift on PC.

[h2]New "sunny snow" weather type [/h2]
This keeps it nice and sunny with the snowfall effects at the same time.


[h2]Plows on QuickMods[/h2]
You can also set up support for plows on QuickMods!
All quickMods are able to have plows by default, but you can change the positioning of the plow using the value "snowPlowOffset" in the mod.txt file.
This is a small decimal value, between around -0.05 and 0.05.


Along with all of these changes there are also a bunch of other things:

  • Fixed the "remove all dropped objects" button in the "manage saves" menu, it wasn't deleting props properly.
  • Added a "remove all trains" button in the "manage saves" menu which you can use to delete all the trains on a map.
  • Fixed grid snapping on the table backdrop props.
  • Added a small diagonal table piece.
  • The main layout & legacy rooms are now no longer accessible from the custom table room.
  • View distance for menus and prop drawers has been adjusted.
  • Fixed bug with the pause/resume position being lost when capturing thumbnails.
  • You can now move around a bit when at the pause menu without loosing your resume position. e.g. if you pause the game while driving a train, you can move around (with a small distance range of the menu) and still resume back into driving the train.
  • You now remain "attached" to the last wagon/loco you touched regardless of distance. The setting for this has been removed too.

Tons of little things in this update for sure!
Christmas is a good time to clean up the game a bit and get things organized for the new year. I hope you all have fun with the new snow plow mechanics and all these quality of life improvements!

Oh, and there's still more to come before Christmas... and it's going to be great!


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