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VtM - Coteries of New York - a huge thank you after the launch

Posted by: jglowacki on steam_community_announcements December 12, 2019

Dear #vamily members, Coteries of New York has launched on PC a little more than 24 hours ago! :)

First of all, we'd like to thank everyone, who decided to buy the game. Thank you for your trust, your continuous support, kind words and great pieces of advice. A game means nothing without a community and we feel that we really found a lot of new friends, who share our love and passion for Vampire: The Masquerade.

We're humbled by all positive reviews and comments, we appreciate many of you stood for Coteries of New York in many discussions, which started since the release. Still, it would be unfair to say that everything went smoothly and everyone's happy.

Even though we're pleased with the number of copies sold, it has never been our goal to simply earn some money and forget about all else. We're Vampire: The Masquerade tabletop RPG players for many years and many of us - members of the development team - are proud members of the VtM community in Poland. We treat all of you as fellow Vampire fans, we don't see our relation as a seller-customer deal. We want to build a bond, based on the same positive emotions, known to everyone who experienced Vampire: The Masquerade game and fell in love with the setting and mood.

Therefore our goal is to be 100% transparent in communicating things and mixed user score indicates that we failed some part of the community we respect most deeply. We believe you deserve an explanation, when it comes to some stuff that you criticize and you have every right to express your negative opinions. Please let us elaborate on some stuff we noticed you talked about very often:

  1. First of all, please be assured that we're reading every single review, every comment, every opinion, analyze every piece of advice. We hear you and we're very thankful for every voice. We do realize that despite our efforts, we didn't manage to erase every bug and couple of those devils slipped into the game. We promise that we're working as hard as possible to get rid of all of them and improve your satisfaction while playing Coteries of New York. Thank you for your patience, but also for addressing all bugs right away. We already updated the game with a small patch, aimed at erasing a few bugs. Be certain that more patches are on the way!

  2. Some of you were surprised and confused about the price discount. Some of you saw 10%, others 30% and it was our fault that we failed to properly communicate the issue. So, the default launch discount is 10% and it lasts for a week since the release. BUT, we agreed with Valve that owners of one of our previous games, called Serial Cleaner will get a loyalty discount: 20%, which stacks up with the launch dicount and that equals 30%. The problem is that Serial Cleaner owners didn't get any notification, hence the confusion. We're really sorry for miscommunicating this, what we've seen as a pleasant surprise. At least we hope that many of you managed to make good use of the 30% discount!

  3. Lack of Linux and Mac OS support - many of you were angry at us, because we removed the info regarding Linux and Mac OS support just before the launch and you were right. For several months the game's description promised that you'll be able to play Coteries of New York on Linux and Mac OS and in the end we didn't deliver. The reason for that is that the development process of the game took longer than expected. We had to postpone the release and fought hard to launch on December 11th. Because of that we didn't have enough time to properly test the Linux and Mac OS version. So, we had a hard decision to make: release versions we were not 100% certain of or add Linux and Mac OS support later. We decided we're gonna pick the second option and we paid for it when it comes to reviews, but we believe we still made a good choice. We'll make sure to add Linux and Mac OS as soon as possible, because we know that these versions are important to you.

  4. Multilanguage support: Coteries of New York is only available in English and we know that with a rabid-bite novel-like game like ours, with a lot of text, many of you would love to play the game in your native languages. Still, the game is available in English only, because we couldn't afford to pay for localization before the release. We're a small indie studio and we self-publish the game. We had to choose - whether we should move money into writing, visuals and music or pay for translating more than 210 thousand words, pay for proofreading, LQA, implementation etc. We decided that the quality of the story, art and sound is more important and we decided that as soon the game will start bringing revenues, we'll immediately explore possibilities to add more languages, one after another.

  5. Confusing description of the game: some of you criticize the description of the game on its product page. You expressed clearly that it's confusing and does not reflect precisely, what the game is like and what it is about. While writing it we thought it's fine and we never meant to lie of overpromise anything. Still, an external perspective is very precious and we thank you for the criticism. We'll adjust the description to better reflect the true nature and structure of Coteries of New York, as we don't want anyone to feel tricked or mislead!

That's all when it comes to most important things we observe appearing in reviews and comments. We hope we still deserve your amazing support. As we said before, we're open to every opinion and we treat all of them very seriously. We will work even harder to improve the quality of Coteries of New York and communication with our community.

Thank you so much for being with us! :)

Draw Distance development team members

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Vampire: The Masquerade - Coteries of New York is a narrative experience set in the rich universe of Vampire: The Masquerade 5th Edition. It presents the struggle for power between two vampiric factions - the Camarilla and the Anarchs - bathed in the night lights of the Big Apple.

Developer: Draw Distance

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