Updated to 1.44

Posted by: Celtreos on steam_community_announcements December 9, 2019

The next Celtreos patch is live!

Artwork and Animation Improvements

A lot of small changes. For example, the “Jungle Cave” stage now has waterfalls! Some artwork is now more detailed, like “Alien Ocean”. A handful of animations and effects have been tweaked, including enemies and weapons. Weapon hits on enemies and bosses are now animated more smoothly.

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Updated to 1.47

Celtreos - February 14, 2020

The next Celtreos patch is live!

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Updated to 1.44 December 9, 2019

Updated to 1.43 November 30, 2019

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Updated to 1.42 November 1, 2019

Updated to 1.41 October 9, 2019

Updated to 1.40 August 26, 2019

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Updated to 1.39 August 4, 2019

Updated to 1.38 July 14, 2019

Update Coming in June May 31, 2019

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1-2 players, game controller support. NO in-app purchases. Nearly 45 minutes of music! Over 10 detailed stages, partly-random, with bosses. Tons of weapons, guards and special moves. Play in a window or in Full Screen.

Developer: Kevin M. Grant

Publisher: Kevin M. Grant