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Update 1.05 is AVAILABLE!

Posted by: 1C_Dan on steam_community_announcements December 4, 2019


Hello everyone,

after being quit for some time, we are back with another update. We were completely focused on the update as our goal is still to improve the game, deliver on our promises and listen to your feedback.

Changelog 1.05

  • Debug string on skill fixed
  • Infinite loading screen fixed
  • Doom grenade skill fixed
  • Lock on fixed
  • M2_Cemetery enemies spawn on user’s sight fixed
  • Gallery fixed
  • Watchable fixed
  • Low HP indicator displayed during the cutscenes fixed
  • Cutscene on a bridge fixed
  • Sawyer’s movement fixed
  • Desmond’s hair fixed
  • Embry’s cutscene fixed
  • Damage done by Sawyer during the reload of checkpoint fixed
  • Several achievements fixed
  • Several minor gameplay issues fixed

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it's time to jump back into Devil's Hunt and earn yourself some sweet sweet devilish badge! We just added Trading Cards, Badges, Emoticons and Backgrounds for you to show you guys our gratitude for sticking with us and to showcase to people around you your more demonic side...

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Devil's Hunt

The war between Demons and Angels takes you to hell and back in Devil’s Hunt. Play as Desmond in this third-person action adventure game, as he discovers his demonic powers with the fate of the world hanging in the balance of the greatest conflict known to humankind.

Developer: Layopi Games

Publisher: 1C Entertainment