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Dead Hand Update 1.12

Posted by: One Man Army Games on steam_community_announcements December 3, 2019


Patch notes

Update version 1.12 adds GUI Scaling, improving readability on high resolution and high pixel density displays. It can be configured under Settings -> Graphics -> GUI Scaling, where it can be set to one of the following values:
  • Off : Disables GUI Scaling.
  • Normal : The default value. Scales the GUI linearly when the vertical resolution is higher than 1080p.
  • High : Scales the GUI linearly when the vertical resolution is higher than 720p. Intended for tablet pcs and netbooks with small, high pixel density screens.

I've also upgraded the build toolchain to Visual Studio 2019. Steam will automatically download and install the new required redistributables for you.

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Dead Hand

Dead Hand is a turn based tactical roguelike game set in a fully destructible procedural environment. Guide your Autonomous Weapons Platform in a fatalistic trek through a multiple level underground cave complex in order to fulfill your directives.

Developer: One Man Army Games

Publisher: One Man Army Games