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DevBlog #1 "About Statistics"

Posted by: MikoGot on steam_community_announcements December 3, 2019

Hey everyone,
Welcome to the first devblog of the IAYP game, where you will be able to follow how the game develops.
In each devlog we will allow you to familiarize yourself with the existing mechanics in the game. Their development over time, recent amendments, current course of action and future changes that we plan to introduce will also be presented.

Today's topic is: Statistics.


Statistics are a set of indicators describing the state of our country and our relations with various social groups.
There are 7 main types of statistics: Society, Politics, Diplomacy, Economy, Industry, Army and Money. The range of values ​​of the first six ranges from 0% to 100%. The last one, Money, can rise up and down without restrictions.

A drop to 0% of one of these statistics will mean that the next day, sad gentlemen will come for us - either an enraged crowd or an assassin. Regardless of who comes with the grudge, it will mean the end of the game. Remember, presidential candidates to make sure you have high enough numbers. Fortunately, you will get a warning about statistics that are too low in advance.

Statistics in the game are represented by a small UI bar in the upper left corner. There you will be able to check the statistics values. In addition, when you make decisions, you'll see how strongly it will affect statistics. The change can be negative or positive, but you will only learn about it after making your decision.

The UI bar can be rolled up and expanded at any time, allowing more experienced players to rely solely on their intuition.

Society, Politics and Diplomacy represent our relationship with various social groups. Industry and Economy represent condition of our state. Army represent strength of US army. Money is a budget we can spend for example on improvements.

Society - a hint about how average citizens perceive us and do they like our governments?
The Society indicator will most often change when making decisions about people. For example: the introduction of high taxes can lead to an increase in dissatisfaction, and thus a decrease in the Society index. Assistance during natural disasters can contribute to an increase in satisfaction, and thus an increase in the Society index. Take care of people's support - their votes can contribute to your re-election in the next election.

Politics - the indicator represents your popularity among fat ones like other politicians, businessmen and rivals. Often their interests will be against the interests of the people, and certainly yours. However, not everyone will throw logs at your feet. Although there is no place for friendship in politics, you will be helped by politicians who have previously helped you get the majority of votes in elections. Examples of decisions that affect this indicator are: arresting political rivals for their crimes - the Politics indicator will decrease. Increasing taxes may increase this rate.

Diplomacy - an indicator representing how they perceive you around the world. The value of this statistic will change depending on your decisions about the United States and the rest of the world. So you won't get popularity around the world by conquering, hindering travel from the world to your country and breaking contracts. Asking for help also contributes to the decline in this statistic, but it also works the other way around. Helping others can bring you allies, and therefore higher diplomacy. World leaders will appreciate, however, when you rule wisely, honestly and with a firm hand.

Economy and Industry - determine the amount of money flowing into the state budget, as well as the state of economy and industry in the United States. You can try to help anyone in need, but it will require a strong economy or industry. Too much load can lead to their destruction and, as a result, to the collapse of the United States. You will often be able to increase the value of these statistics. In the future, these statistics can be spent on Investments / Improvements.

Army - defines the strength of our army. When performing a conventional attack, we spend some value of this statistic. Leading conquests we sacrifice soldiers, but not only. It will cost us usually two statistics: Army and Money.

Money - is the US budget and our funds for various purposes. From bribes to expenses after making a decision, expenditure on nuclear bombs and the army.

As you can see Statistics are one of the key elements of the game that represent the world around you. By your popularity, to the efficiency of your country. They are your means to expand your empire and the means to improve diplomatic relations.

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