Small Update

Posted by: _K_o_S_ on steam_community_announcements December 3, 2019

Main Feature

According to feedback, we realized that some exams are quite complicated. Not everyone manages to get through them. If the player understands the essence of the test, he will be able to better understand the game mechanics. But we do not want the difficulty in passing the tests to prevent those who are stuck from enjoying the game.

Now, after a certain number of unsuccessful attempts, the question mark blinks, and the Help button appears on the test description screen. Click this button.


The game will show you a few first steps of the test which are less obvious.

Other Improvements

  • Fixed some crashes related to Exams
  • Significantly increased the list of Spanish names. Also, added a small number of new Portugal names.
  • Kick-off animation couldn't be skipped by Right mouse click. Fixed.

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Football, Tactics & Glory

It's an original combination of turn-based strategy and RPG. Create a football team, play matches, earn XP, train skills, learn new classes, upgrade facilities, buy and sell footballers, grow youth, make hard choices. It's a deep strategy which respects your time.

Developer: Creoteam

Publisher: Creoteam,Toplitz Productions