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Event: Pet Adventures

Posted by: [CM] Art on steam_community_announcements December 3, 2019

Wanderlust has taken hold of your pets. For a limited time only, take part in Event Quests with even greater incentives for sending your pets out exploring.

Event period: 4th December (from 9:00 AM CET) until 11th December 2019 (8:59 AM CET)

Login Event

From level 99 and up, you will receive a daily reward for each account during the event period if you have been logged in for at least 10 minutes

Event title



Login Event for your Pet Expedition Force

Be logged in for a total of 10 minutes

5x Luriel's Seed from El's Tree

Pet Expedition Force Quests

These quests are all about getting your pets involved. Send them on expeditions to obtain your rewards (per account, from level 99 and up)

Quest name



Event: Expedition Force, Go! 1

Send out 1 Pet Expedition

3x Luriel's Weak Digestion Potion

Event: Expedition Force, Go! 2

Send out 2 Pet Expeditions

3x EL Jelly

Event: Expedition Force, Go! 3

Send out 3 Pet Expeditions

1x Luriel's Inferior Arcane Stone

Event: Expedition Force, Go! 4

Send out 4 Pet Expeditions

1x Luriel's Verve Potion

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