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Dev Update - Guide updated!

Posted by: chaosavy on steam_community_announcements December 2, 2019

Hey guys!

A big step towards release - though many of you will probably think - meh who cares...

I've updated the in game guide. To give you a bit of history/context - work towards Void Destroyer 2 started when I copied everything from Void Destroyer into a separate branch/folder. Then I created a prototype and released it as the "Mini Sandbox" free DLC for Void Destroyer. I continued on in this separate folder/branch ever since. Point being that I never updated the in game guide from Void Destroyer 1 days - it was still a copy/paste.

This caused some players a bunch of confusion as Void Destroyer 1 included things such as "research" - which Void Destroyer 2 doesn't - and Void Destroyer 2 includes many many things that Void Destroyer 1 doesn't.

Anyway - I intended to update the guide soon before release as that would make the most sense in terms of my work load - doing it all at once versus several times before things weren't as nailed down.


So I'm happy to say that I've updated the in game guide... This was a slog, it felt like doing homework... I so much more prefer working on new game features, weapons, AI commands, activities for the player - so this was a chore. Either way - now that it's "done" I'm very happy because I couldn't see releasing Void Destroyer 2 without an updated in game guide. This out of date guide and the combo of me so not wanting to do it - was stressing me a bit.

I imagine that maybe 5% of players actually check it out - but to me it is a necessary addition for that 5%.

As always - thank you for supporting the project!


PS: If you do check out the guide and find some elements confusing/missing please be sure to let me know!
Void Destroyer 2

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