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Posted by: Atsumari on steam_community_announcements December 2, 2019


We have had reports from community members about issues involving IP and testing screenshots that were never meant to be in a public build. I am happy to say that we addressed this in a patch last week immediately after this concerns were brought to our attention. The very next day we also released an art patch to finish through scene 1 of the story. Throughout the week we have been working on PR and released an Android build with the same updates we provided to our Steam and other PC Distribution Partners. It is our hope within the next week to release a grammar patch and additional artwork. We also have had some good input from reviewers and curators over the week. I want to thank the community for their support and input; without which we would not have been able to meet these changes or hit specific metrics that we are proud of; for example hitting 100 members on the game's community group and hitting over 20,000 views on steam. For our first release and only first two weeks of publication these are good milestones to hit. If you have any thoughts, concerns or just want to chat with our story or production team we are always happy to interact with the community as shown by the following review: which was spurred by our interactions with a curator.


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Patch 11/19/2019

The New Universes: ~ Eine Neue Reise Beginnt ~ Chapter 1 - November 20, 2019

We have released an emergency patch to correct some items that were meant for internal testing and not for public release. This patch is minor but will change some background images in the game. If you have any issues please contact our support team. We will be releasing another patch with more art later this week. We are sorry for any confusion or concerns this brings forward. We want to ensure the community understands we take all feedback seriously and will address any concern the community brings forward. Thank you for your time and support.

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The New Universes: ~ Eine Neue Reise Beginnt ~ Chapter 1

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