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Patch 11/30/2019 + State of Development

Posted by: Huskinator on steam_community_announcements November 30, 2019


Just rolling out a patch to address a couple issues brought up from comments, and forum posts.

1) 2 Handed Weapon Handling - It was brought to my attention that my offhand weapon handling was a little wonky. What was determined was that when a rifle/shotgun is held with both hands, the offhand should only affect the direction that the gun is pointing. The actual rotation of the gun should be affected by the main hand.

I mucked it up and made it so the both the direction and rotation of the gun was based off the offhand..... Woops :P This has been fixed it should feel more like other VR shooters.

2) Regarding the Dual Wielding Perk. Before, there was a problem where even after you disable dual wielding, Officer Faust would still have a second secondary equipped. This has been fixed.

Stuff Added:
- For Oculus controllers. The additional button that was previously unmapped now triggers your mag to drop from the gun. This might also work for other controllers that have an extra button.

- Modified the Masked Enemies in the Office level so they look and animate a lil better. The shotgunners are more buff looking.

State of Development

For the period since the last "Enemy Reload" patch....development has been pretty slow. I went on vacation for 2.5 weeks, and for the rest of the time, I was actually learning how to implement online VR multiplayer. Turns's really damn hard...haha.... It also got me kinda down since there was a week and a bit where I made almost zero progress......

As a result...I've decided to switch my main focus back to level creation so that new content will continue flowing out regularly again. The idea of VR Multiplayer is definitely still on my mind....however, I'm just gonna have to slowly learn how to implement multiplayer on the side instead of devoting all my work hours into it.

Thanks for reading!!! If y'all find anything that don't work, please let me know!
Fast and Low

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