Compact Comp! v2.18

Posted by: Franks on steam_community_announcements November 29, 2019


It's time for a new layout competition!
The "Color Comp" earlier in the year was heaps of fun and I can't wait to see what kinds of layouts you can come up with for this one!

The concept is simple, just make a small layout using one of the tables in the new "compact comp" drawer as a size limit. You can build as much as you want above and below, just keep within the bounds of the table. Be as creative as you want!

There are no other requirements, you dont need to even include track. Simply build a layout and submit it to the Steam Workshop. Make sure to tick the "Compact Comp entry" option when you upload it!
You can also submit as many entries as you want, it's not limited to one-per-person.

Use one of these tables in the new "Compact comp" drawer as a size guide:
Remember you can build as high/low as you want!


Entries close on December 8th (next Sunday) But as long as you get it submitted before the weekend is over you'll be fine, regardless of time zone.

There will also be prizes for the winners! (much like the Color Comp)
The 1st place winner will be able to request a freight wagon of their choice to be officially added into the game. This will then be made by me and added in a future update.

The 2nd and 3rd place winners will both be able to choose a general prop to be added into the game in the same way.

That's not all though, this update actually makes a bunch of changes to the in-game workshop uploading systems.
Most of it is background programming-related improvements, but there are several new features added to the upload process.

- There is now a "requirements" panel which shows you which data is required for your upload and which things you need to fill-in:


- You now have a cropping guide around your view when choosing a thumbnail! This makes getting the right screenshot for your workshop items 100x easier:


- You can also new choose custom thumbnails for you local save files! You can do this when making a new save:


These new workshop features will hopefully make the uploading process much nicer, and just in time for the layout competition!
I hope everyone has fun making entries for the new competition, and I can't wait to see what kinds of creative ideas people come up with within the limited space.

Oh, and of course there's going to be some fun stuff coming for Christmas soon!

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