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Changelog - November 2019

Posted by: MikoGot on steam_community_announcements November 27, 2019

With the end of current month we finished some things. Here is the list:

1.0.b5 - November

  1. Dialogues - Added ability to express emotions for president's guests, improved guests animations
  2. Reworked UI Statistics - added fancy animations
  3. Added Atomic Thread to the World Map - Your actions against the world won’t go unnoticed. The greatest of this world are watching. Atomic Thread indicator will tell you how close you are to starting a world war - meaning Game Over. However, this will not cancel your plans to conquer (almost) the whole world. Atomic Thread indicator will decrease its value over time and through your other ingame actions such as dialogues, negotiations or social media. Gaining more and more value at diplomacy statistic will also help you to calm down other world leaders.
  4. Press Conference feature is implemented - you can answer journalist's questions. Answering or ignoring journalists will affect your statistics values and story alike. If you promise something publicly people will remember. Unless you manage to get out of it. Just like politicians in real life.
  5. Press Conference Room Modeling - we are still waiting for a new room model and new models for journalists.
  6. Selecting the members of the Cabinet of the United States is implemented - Player is able to assign politicians to various Cabinet positions. For Example: Secretary of Defense.
    Having a dream team is a huge part of your career success. They will help you cope with difficult situations such as your decision burdening the economy of the state or unpopular decision among citizens. Unfortunately, not all of them will be useful or may be useful only on specific Cabinet positions.
  7. Negotiations aka Card Game - Yes, we heard some of you. Yes, Card Games are bad, but there is nothing to worry about. If you are not interested in playing through this, you have a second option - Negotiations through further dialogue.

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