Nominate “Celtreos” for “Labor of Love 2019”

Posted by: Celtreos on steam_community_announcements November 26, 2019

Celtreos was created by one person and has been updated 42 times since it was first released in 2017 (averaging every 3-4 weeks!). It definitely qualifies as a “Labor of Love”!

Since the original game release, many enhancements have been made, including:

  • Two-player mode
  • An even bigger and more awesome soundtrack
  • New stages with new bosses
  • New ships
  • Several new weapons, defenses and other power-ups
  • Gameplay enhancements such as negative items, more enemies and new enemy attacks
  • Conversion to wide-screen aspect ratio
  • Support for game controllers

Every single one of these was a free update for those owning the game previously. And more updates are planned!

Thank you for your interest in Celtreos, and please consider nominating it for a Steam Award this year.

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Nominate “Celtreos” for “Labor of Love 2019” November 26, 2019

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1-2 players, game controller support. NO in-app purchases. Nearly 45 minutes of music! Over 10 detailed stages, partly-random, with bosses. Tons of weapons, guards and special moves. Play in a window or in Full Screen.

Developer: Kevin M. Grant

Publisher: Kevin M. Grant