Patch 1.5.6

Posted by: Slimwaffle on steam_community_announcements November 26, 2019


Patch 1.5.6 is now live :D

This patch largely focused on a new feature that will allow players to pick and choose the colour of the in game GUI.

  • Through the advanced tab inside the settings Menu, which is located in the Main menu. Players
    can now change the game GUI and Menu to their favourite colour. Players will also have control of the alpha channel which allows you as a player to decide how transparent (see through) you want the in game GUI to be.
  • The in world menus and GUI were also re-coded to have a cleaner look and to be more compatible with the GUI colour pick feature.
  • Changed some back-end stuff to do with quality settings to allow for better FPS in game.
  • The painting item has been temporarily removed

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1.5.7 Mini Fix

Outback Survival - 24 hours ago

Due to player feedback to the 1.5.7 patch, the toon shader option will be offered as something that players can choose for themselves. This feature can be adjusted at any time in the advanced settings section of the main menu. I also added some bug fixes also from player feedback.

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