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Industriworks v0.2.1 is released.

Posted by: RootIsDanger on steam_community_announcements November 27, 2019

Hello, It's v0.2.1 update.
0. Removed bug when black nonlight block sides appeared on chunks joint.
1. Optimized chunks, so it's not laggy when a few hundreds are generated.
2. Mouse wheel now can select quick slot.
3. Fixed fatal bug of screenshot taking.
4. Added damage from the falling.
5. Patterned generation and ocean height maps.
You can see how new generation looks on [previewyoutube=;full][/previewyoutube]

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Hello, Industriworks v0.3.3 is released. Added new shaders that makes block side shadows possible.

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Dig and build in a blocky sandbox world, economize heat in smelter to smelt more resources at once. There is few ores, metals, alloys and other materials, that you can use in your crafting to make powerful tools and golems.

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