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Good Old Guild Mini-Games

Posted by: [CM] Art on steam_community_announcements November 20, 2019


Prepare for some cool mini-game adventures with your guild in zombie mode! For a short time it’ll be even more worth your while, as we have additional rewards for completing the daily event quests. (per account 1x, from level 10)

Event period: from 20th November (9:00 AM CET) until 4th December 2019 (8:59 AM CET).

Quest Name



Event: Good Old Guild Mini-Games 1

1x Play Zombie mode guild mini-game

(If you leave the mini-game prematurely, it will not count for the quest.)

5x Guild Coin

Event: Good Old Guild Mini-Games 2

2x Play Guild Mini-Game Dungeon

(If you leave the mini-game prematurely, it will not count for the quest.)

1x Luriel's Old-Fashioned Seed Pouch

The quests will also be displayed when you aren’t in a guild.

Got your hands on Luriel's Old-Fashioned Seed Pouch? Wonderful! Then choose one of the reward bundles found inside.

Cube Name


Luriel's Old-Fashioned Seed Pouch

2x Snowfruit Seed

4x Spring Apple Seed

2x Hot Lychee Seed

1x Heavenly Melon Seed

4x Star Potato Seedling

3x Shock Onion Seed

4x Power Carrot Seed

5x Desert Sweet Potato Seedling

5x Elder Wheat Salad

3x Healing Tomato Seed

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