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Industriworks v0.2 is released now!

Posted by: RootIsDanger on steam_community_announcements November 18, 2019

Hello everyone. Industriworks v0.2 is released.
Main features:
0. Majority of blocks stacksize incrased to 8.
1. Drop visual size incrased a bit.
2. Added world management.
3. You can make screenshots with F2 key. Screenshots are put in ~/screenshots/, where ~ is direcotory of installed Industriworks.
4. Added sounds of block setting and block removing.
5. Player now can walk and jump.
6. Light updating no more freezes the game.
7. Added HP.
8. Added 3 mobs: Aper, Deer, and Goblin. They are spawning eventually.
9. Added some crops: Wheat, Potato, and Pumpkin.
10. Goblin can buy crops from player. This is a new way to receive MP.
11. Use Reconfiguration on potato to get tomatoes.
12. Added player damage.
13. Life, Decomposition, and Reconfiguration are animated.
14. Retextured moon.
15. Drop and mob target blocks block target, so when you pick up a drop, you will not pick up a dropped block (in block form) which is behind.
16. Added heigh maps representing height generation metadata.


Future developing of Industriworks:
I plan to make a few updates, that adds better world generation, new mobs, goblin settlements and golem-harvester, and some small features to make the game more comfortable.
Then I plan to make v0.3 with a big important feature — trains and railway.

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Dig and build in a blocky sandbox world, economize heat in smelter to smelt more resources at once. There is few ores, metals, alloys and other materials, that you can use in your crafting to make powerful tools and golems.

Developer: PredposledniyRubikon

Publisher: PredposledniyRubikon