Prepare for Black Friday!

Posted by: Prime World Official on steam_community_announcements November 18, 2019


Lords and Ladies!

November is the beloved month of all traders. In November, valuable offers are all over the board at the Fair! Folks say that merchants save the most delicious offers for the end of the month, — when Black Friday begins, — but it is so desirable to get something cool right now!

You were not brave enough to ask what had Storm Thrower done to reach his goal, but the traders announced the first November sale!


Starting with today, Season Chests will now be appearing at the Fair!

Inside a Season Chest, you can find 7 already upgraded to 5 and more stars legendary talents (even collectible ones can be spotted among them!) and valuable resources, such as Prime Crystals, Legendary Crystals, and Crystal Shards!


Only until 12 p.m. UTC+3 November 25, hurry up to the Fair to purchase one of the classic Jackpots!

Among the offers, you may find:

  • Prime Crystals Jackpot
  • Legendary Crystals Jackpot
  • Golden Age Jackpot (purchased for Gold)
  • Silver Jackpot
  • Crystal Shards Jackpot
  • Champion’s Rune
  • And 15 already upgraded talents Jackpot!


Until 12 p.m. UTC+3 November 25, abrasives and catalysts drop chance is doubled!

Don’t miss the chance to upgrade the best talents in your Collection up to 6 or even 7 stars!


Storm Thrower has definitely thrown his hammer around to make such a deal, but…

Until 12 p.m. UTC+3 November 25, you can purchase the necessary number of Golden Age days with up to 30% discount!

  • 3 days of Golden Age for 29 Gold (instead of 45)
  • 7 days of Golden Age for 55 Gold (instead of 79)
  • 30 days of Golden Age for 139 Gold (instead of 199)

Golden Age will help you get the maximum benefit from the Fair and the fights:
it increases the number of offers at the Fair, prevents slots from disappearing upon purchase, increases talents drop chance, doubles the inflow of resources and experience!


Don’t miss the first global sale of the month!

Just a little time is left before Black Friday comes in — that’s where the merchants will go all out!

Always yours,
Prime World dev team

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Lords and Ladies!

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