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Small update - don't mind me!

Posted by: Summer on steam_community_announcements November 17, 2019

Howdy y'all! Just a small update for ALL builds if you are curious. It's very minor, but here it is -

  • Leto has a full set of animations for charge jumping now!
  • Loads of new portraits. Messy hair Tabs, Kiki, and crying Lily. :(
  • Valuna got a ton of environment art in! Check it out!
  • Added an animation for Tabs carrying a dragon egg and it's the funniest damn thing.

Always feel free to reach out if you need me!

Continue being awesome, and thanks for reading!

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Mercenary Leto

A science-fantasy action platformer with a nostalgic pixel look. Travel the galaxy with a cast of memorable and endearing characters, ride one fluffy dragon, and stumble onto a plot to stop dragon poachers.

Developer: dragonGlitch Games LLC

Publisher: dragonGlitch Games LLC