V0.0.6-beta1 first update (test update)

Posted by: 创克游戏联盟 on steam_community_announcements November 15, 2019

Due to the particularity of the update, this update is open to all recorders
Theme of Edition: Maiden's first appearance (test edition)
1. Remake script content and role selection
2. Initial opening content of new female role (unfinished)
3. Added the physique system and related supporting systems (the physique value can be viewed in the status panel)
4. Added exercise system
5. The real estate certificate is installed (for the new role at present)
6. New interface pictures and UI are used
fix and optimize known issues with initial version

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V0.0.6-beta3 repair and update

Record Life - December 1, 2019

change Part of the content is still incomplete, but it is coming soon Repair and optimization 1. Repair the sudden appearance of Xiaomao in the state of no adoption 2. Change the house name of the female character to "warm house" 3. Fixed the problem that the mobile phone battery could not be removed when the charging station was full 4. Fixed the problem that the deposit in the deposit box could not be deducted 5. Fixed the problem that the female role was stuck when handling broadband 6. Add charging station for female character house 7. Modified the final judgment conditions of male characters 8. Adjusted the withdrawal amount of video income to withdraw every 100 gold coins (Note: a high level of copywriting can improve the basic playback) 9. Slightly increased the income from moving bricks (120 gold coins) 10. Now moving bricks will increase the upper limit of physique and physical strength 11. Slightly adjust the stock refresh mechanism

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First letter November 9, 2019

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