Transform tools! v2.17

Posted by: Franks on steam_community_announcements November 15, 2019


Today's update adds a bunch of helpful (but a little complex) features as well as something that's going to make precise map making 100x easier!
You can now enter a "Transform edit" mode by pressing 'F' when hovering over any placed prop.

In this new mode you can manually edit the rotation, position and scale of the prop using classic transform handles with the mouse (this new mode is only for PC and is not available for VR unfortunately).


Getting the position and rotation of props perfect was always a real pain in Rolling Line in the past, but with these new controls its so much easier!

Of course this is a completely optional extra level of control and you can still build maps using the normal control style without any extra complexity.

Transform mode

Simply press F when hovering over a placed prop to enter Transform mode, then you can:

- use the left mouse to move the various position/rotation/scale handles
- use the right mouse to orbit the camera
- middle mouse/space to pan the camera
- scroll wheel to zoom in/out
- Ctrl-Z to undo a movement
- Ctrl-X to redo a movement
- Ctrl-C to copy rotation
- Ctrl-V to paste rotation
- Tab to switch between local and world space
- Hold Ctrl for more precise movement.

And then press F to exit transform mode and return to normal gameplay

Shortcut keys

In addition to the new transform mode, you can also now use a bunch of helpful shortcut keys while editing maps:

- F1 to toggle angle snap
- F2 to toggle prop & track snapping
- F3 to toggle fast prop scaling
- F4 to switch between surface snapping modes
- F5 to quickSave
- F6 to set time to day/night

Make sure you have "advanced controls" enabled! otherwise you wont have access to these shortcut keys.
You can find this option in the menu "Misc -> Advanced controls"

Copy-Paste dynamic track

Something very useful for creating complex custom track is that you can now copy dynamic track data from a placed piece of track, then paste it into the dynamic track generator to copy over values.

For example:
If you copy a curve with Radius 12 and Angle 30,
Then paste it into the dynamic track generator,
The corresponding values will update to 12 and 30.

This is very useful if you want to make matching sizes of track or make small changes to a previously placed piece of track.

You can copy track data by pressing "Enter" while hovering over a piece of dynamic track.
Please note that you need to have "context help" and "Dynamic track info" enabled to do this. You can turn this on in the menu "Misc -> Show contextual help" and "Misc -> Show dynamic track info"

You can then paste track data by pressing the paste button on the custom track generator:


There are also a few useful quirks to this system:

  • If you copy a curved piece of track, the paste it onto a turnout, only the curve part of the turnout will be updated.
  • If you copy a straight piece of track, the paste it onto a turnout, only the straight part of the turnout will be updated.
  • You can copy a turnout and paste it into a curve to generate a curve that matches the turnout.

backup log file

This update also fixes some issues with the backup system and adds a "backup_log.txt" file which will list all of the backup additions & removals.
You can find these backups in the "Rolling Line -> Saves_backups" folder.

Remember, backups are automatically made every time you save over/delete a map!
You can load them in-game under the menu "manage saves -> backups"


There were also a few other features added:

  • A few new help messages that show up when you first play the game, open the custom camera and open the transform mode. Simply press H to hide these messages and they will stop appearing.
  • Added the ghost train horns and whistles to quickMods. You can find these new values in the quickmod guide here on Steam.
  • Added "remove all backups" button in the backups menu
  • Pressing Ctrl to slow you movement now also makes the camera height changes using the scroll wheel smaller.

And that's all!
This has been quite a "technical" update, with lots of little features to make complex map building a bit easier.

If you would like a more in-depth explanation of how any of the new features work, feel free to ask in the comments and I can explain in more detail.


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