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Update 1.5.5

Posted by: Slimwaffle on steam_community_announcements November 14, 2019


UPDATE 1.5.5
This update mainly focused on creating a new dynamic weather system for the game and improving the First person experience.
The weather system is designed so that every single day in game should be unique. Even if you have the same weather event as a previous day (e.g lightly cloudy) there should be subtle differences between the two days.


  • Stage 1 of the new Dynamic Weather System Implemented.
  • Fixed a bug with exp and max exp not saving
  • Fixed a few AI bugs
  • Increased the distance at which towns will load in and unload out
  • Trees and rocks will no longer re-spawn (This is to encourage exploration)
  • All Ai sounds fixed (Now Ai will use sounds within the 3d environment instead of playing on the UI. This means you will be able to locate them better by using just sound)
  • Fixed an issue where to many AI would spawn in when loading back into the game
  • Fixed Furnace not placing on dirt
  • Behind the scenes improvements where added to reduce the amount of RAM being used while playing the game
  • All weapons and weapon cameras have been tweaked and re-aligned to improve the player's experience when using first person view.

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Outback Survival

Welcome to Australia. Build, Craft, Hunt, Fight. Do whatever it takes to survive. Outback Survival is a single-player Survival experience set in an Australian landscape, that doesn't use zombies and puts as much control as possible into the player's hands.

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