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Desire Den PC Update 1.1 Major Changes And Fixes

Posted by: Frosted Brain on steam_community_announcements November 11, 2019

- Fixed Lucid Dialogue Collider Trigger

- Fixed Desiree Dialogue Collider Trigger

- Fixed Loading Screen -> Main Menu Hang

- Bandaid Fix For Cursor Stuck On Screen (If you happen to see it on load pause and unpause then click on your screen.)

- Changed Dialogue UI To Wheel Type

- Sex Scene Button Prompt Is Now A Screen Overlay

- New Loading Screens For Each Scene

- New Level Icons

- New Player Start Select (Choose between the Doggie Den or the Desire Den)

- Changed Loading Screen Prompt Color
Desire Den

Desire Den is a scalie/furry themed swinger club simulator that includes versions for PC, VR and Android

Developer: Frosted Brain: After Dark

Publisher: Frosted Brain