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How to play the VR version / Installing the Android apk

Posted by: Frosted Brain on steam_community_announcements November 10, 2019

You'll find the roomscale VR version in your install directory in a folder called "Desire Den VR 1.05d1" currently all roomscale VR headsets are supported.

The android apk is in a folder called "Desire Villa Demo Android APK"

To install the android demo you will need to activate developer mode on your device which is usually going to your system information in settings and tapping your build number until you see "You are now a developer!"

After that you will want to go to your security settings and check "Allow unknown sources"

You should now be able to install the Desire Villa demo for android!

Desire Den

Desire Den is a scalie/furry themed swinger club simulator that includes versions for PC, VR and Android

Developer: Frosted Brain: After Dark

Publisher: Frosted Brain