Update 0.13.1 - Gaia Beyond, 25% off!

Posted by: elZanc0 on steam_community_announcements November 9, 2019

Gaia Beyond is 25% off! (Offer ends November 10 at 5PM Pacific Time)

This is a small update – more content is on the way with the next update

Steam Cloud support

Automatically synchronizes savegames with the Steam servers


  • Some dialog corrections and optimizations


  • All repair dialogs use a blend animation now
  • Rajid equips the thruster on the player ship


  • Allow collecting stacked items partly if the cargo is full
  • Ship landing sound
  • In-space Memorial: parallax background asteroid added

  • Some emitter performance fixes
  • npc_rufus.nut "Sleeping Pods for Three, No Pets!" script crash
  • Savegame upgrade for Simon Boswell can crash
  • npc_rufus.nut script can crash
  • AA_Damokles_Station: Data version is broken
  • Possible Lorca_Player_Left_Landable() crash fix
  • Short range laser graphic is drawn incorrectly
  • Inspace-triggered fight music with neutral npc doesn't stop
  • Landable music can be played in space if land+leave is very quick
  • Some shields shouldn't be spawned
  • Stop fight music when docked and no ship is directly targeting the player anymore
  • Fighting music only triggered during 1st Pluto pirate wave
  • Do not handle player message requests when dead
  • Defend state holding and moving_back can switch around endlessly
  • Some behavior pos_target_reached fixes
  • Autopilot Is_Weapon_Target_In_Range() is broken
  • Ship garage: hide credits and cost
  • Do not save in loading screens
  • Do not play space sounds when loading
  • Memorial collision geometry fix

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Gaia Beyond

Gaia Beyond is a handcrafted 2D Action-RPG, an exploration mix built around the core features fighting, mining and trading. Your decisions are footprints within a vast non-linear solar system. Forge alliances among numerous factions and develop relations with hundreds of NPCs.

Developer: Warp Turtle

Publisher: Warp Turtle