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Welcome Everyone to the Marbles On Stream (MOS), Steam Community Hub!

Posted by: Enderzworld on steam_community_announcements November 9, 2019

Welcome Everyone to the Marbles On Stream (MOS), Steam Community Hub

First of all we want to thank everyone for joining us for the first couple days so far of Season 13 of Marbles on Stream. New and returning users to Marbles, thank you for choosing to and continuing to share the experience of Marbles on Stream with your communities, we would not be here without you all.

So we continue forward. As you may have noticed, we have already started posting events that are happening throughout the season. The events are:

  • Community Day Every Single Friday Race with the Marbles you want to win.
  • Tournament Kits hosted by Streamers (Tues/Thurs/Fri/Sat) these are free to participate in and are high profile events for coins and exclusive effects
  • Mid Season Tournament Hosted by Community Managers and Marbler of the Season Free Participation and Prizes available
  • End of Season Tournament Hosted by Pixel by Pixel Studios and 2 hand Picked Streamers

If you do not know what MoS is, it is a stream interactive game designed for streamers to involve their viewers in marble races. Our goals are always to produce high quality content for you all to enjoy with your communities. We also have a Community map builder where you can build and upload maps, or even Tilted Mode which gives the user control of the marbles that have joined to get as far as you can through procedurally generated tracks.

About the Studio:
We are a small dev team, new to the industry, excited to develop for a very active online community.

One of our goals is to be easily accessible to everyone. If you want to interact with myself (Mike), the rest of the dev team or Marbles On Stream community, post your questions, concerns, or feedback here:

  • Steam Community: Hub [][/url]
  • Discord: [][/url]
  • Twitch Streams:

Reach out, we are always happy to chat, whether it be to discuss the game, your streams, or even how we can better create content for you to share with your communities, we are always open to constructive conversations.

Thanks again from everyone here at
Pixel by Pixel Studios.

Marbles on Stream

Marbles on Stream is a Marble Racing game for EVERYONE! You can simulate races yourself or stream it on with your viewers! Many features in game to help interact with your viewers and engage with them in unique ways. 3 ways to play! Download and stream! Download the MoS app on your mobile device! Get on Twitch.

Developer: Pixel by Pixel Studios Inc.

Publisher: Pixel by Pixel Studios Inc.