Update 1.0.1201

Posted by: CasselWolf on steam_community_announcements November 8, 2019


  • New Achievements are added: [Give Me All], [Shiny Chest!], [Gangsta], [I'm in Charge], [Under the Shade], [Calculator], [Scrooge]
  • New Adviser [Arbalist] appears in the game. When used, 'Get a Crossbowrat. +1 to Crossbowrat's Piercing Attack.
  • New Adviser [David] appears in the game. When used, 'Get a Slinger Card. Every 5th Slinger's attack, has an increased Stun duration of 100%.
  • New Adviser [Exiled] appears in the game. When used, 'Get an Exiled Card. 50% Decreased Exiled's ATK penalty.

Bug Fixes

  • Fixed a bug that skill cards are usable to enemies located at fog of war.
  • Fixed a bug on unlockable cards. If a card unlocked by achievements is still locked, the card gets unlocked upon the activating the same achievement.
  • [Crossbowrat] A projectile penetrates no more than an enemy. There was a huge DMG output from this unit before patch.
  • [Dancer] adviser's movement buff are now correctly in place.
  • Fixed a bug that certain cards are reused maliciously. Now there is a threshold value of card reuse in the game.
  • [Visit(Lv2)] card's effect now matches the card description.
  • [Earthquake] events no longer appears in the early stage of the game.
  • Before the patch, upgrades on [Exiled] card did not apply. Now, upgrades on this card applies correctly.
  • Fixed a bug that leaves a permanent card tool tip when paused.


  • Tax income by [Greedy] adviser's ability is increased to 10 from 5.
  • Merchant visits longer time(10->15 seconds) with [Innkeeper] Adviser.
  • Effect duration of [Assault Captain] adviser's ability is increased to 30 seconds.
  • Attack Damage of [Defect] adviser is now 15. (5->15)
  • [Tinker] adviser now gains 50 Gold instead of 200.
  • [Mason] adviser adds 300 HP to Defensive Walls instead of 200.
  • [Dancer] adviser has twice faster movement speed now. (50->100)
  • At the end of wave, all ally units restore 50% of HP with an [Ironclad] adviser. Before patch, it healed +8 HP to ally units.
  • [Doomsdayer] adviser recruits twice Ratizen. Increased to 10 from 5.
  • [Messenger] adviser gives you more time compared to past 10. Wave alarm appears 15 seconds early.
  • We modified [Coldblood] adviser's ability. When you get a Disturb Card, he upgrades 1 random card.
  • Change in the name. [Coldblood] adviser is now called [Troubleshooter].
  • Modified the ratings and types of several advisers.
  • Change in the name. [Doctor] adviser is now called [Nurse].
  • Modified [Plague Doctor] adviser's ability to 'Get a Medic Card. +5 ATK to units healed by Medic for 5 seconds.'
  • Modified the probability (or randomness) of an adviser appearance with ratings.
  • [Medic] card now Heals HP based on ATK of Medic.
  • [Medic] card has an increased ATK (2->8), HP (18->38), Cost (41->52), Price (164->206).
  • Modified [Longbowrat]'s chance to hit an enemy in long range.
  • [Duck] card has 500 HP. (400->500)
  • From now on, reused cards in the event of [Re-use] card cost Gold.
  • [Burst] card is twice effective with 100% improved DMG and has an increased cost. (54->63)
  • [Throw] card deals increased DMG. (20->30)
  • [Ambush] card deals increased DMG. (30->40)
  • [First Aid] card heals 40 instead of 20 with a small increase in cost. (28 ->32)
  • [Thorn Fence] card has duration of effect for 10 seconds. (15->10)
  • Modified rating of [Relic] card to 'Epic' from 'Rare'.
  • Modified the randomness of a card appearance with ratings.
  • Boss destroys building with a one blow.
  • Changed an artwork for [Talent Pool] event.


  • Modified DMG font does not run-over.
  • [Bomb], [Air Strike], [Ignite] card now has an AoE description.
  • Range of fire is added to Ranged unit descriptions.

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Ratropolis is a Real-time card game that uses cards to defend a rat's city against enemies.You must defend your upcoming enemies with quick judgment and swiftness.Build your OWN Ratropolis with various cards that you can get from playing the game.

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