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Fabulous Fishing Event

Posted by: [CM] Art on steam_community_announcements November 7, 2019


Dangling your bait but can’t get a bite? Help is at hand during our veritable fishing festival between 6th November (after maintenance) until 20th November 2019 (8:59 AM CET). Those fish will have to be quick on their fins!

In honour of the new fishing features, you’ll receive a [CoBo] Coupon for Fishing VIP Service (1 day) as a login reward!


·1x per account

·Level 99+

·Be logged in for at least 10 minutes

Plus there are two daily fishing quests!

Quest Type

Quest Name





Event: Cast your Fishing Rod!

15x Go Fishing

10x Elios Medaka

Level 99+,

per account

Event: Caught something yet?

30x Go Fishing

10x Heat Carp

Happy fishing!

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