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v1.2 update

Posted by: freesprite on steam_community_announcements November 3, 2019

1. The slightly sensitive screen has been modified.
2. Fix some bugs.
3. English added, but.. this english.. Oh, God, forgive me. my english is too bad!!!
4. Optimize the game.

Other "别以为你是开发者我就不敢打你"/I want to hit you: Developer News

Fixed some bugs

"别以为你是开发者我就不敢打你"/I want to hit you: Developer - October 4, 2019

1. The background is changed from white to light gray for eye protection. 2. Fixed non-widescreen UI display problems.

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"别以为你是开发者我就不敢打你"/I want to hit you: Developer

A pure ASCII character style puzzle adventure game!

Developer: ZQZ

Publisher: ZQZ