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Pumpkin Revenge (Update 0.13)

Posted by: elZanc0 on steam_community_announcements October 31, 2019



It's me again, Count Ixua. The Wicked have returned. But at least that gives you the opportunity to snatch one of those special halloween rewards. Send those pumpkin fanatics back to the land of the dead and have a look at my pumpkin full of presents!

The ancient curse has reappeared!

It looked like the creatures from the wicked dimension had been banished forever, but due to a magical coincidence, new portals allow them to spread all over the solar system AGAIN! Destroy them, cut the link between the two worlds – and unlock some exclusive content:

  • Pumpkin Shredder

    A dangerous new weapon straight from the wicked dimension, coming with custom sounds and a fancy skull turret!


  • Mysterious Ghost Ship

    Scare the 🎃 out of your enemies with a vessel of the undead!


Weapon qualities

  • First stage of randomized weapon qualities
  • Six new quality levels (3 weaker / 3 stronger)

    More improvements coming soon!

New sidequests & events

  • Escort the tyrant or kill him
  • Helping the Isaac Family to get their place on Earth has new content
  • Visit new locations like SMD Woodrow or Damokles Station

Atlantic Rebels

  • Own faction logo
  • New ships & faction spawner



  • Quick travel sound effect
  • Sound is played when Lt. Devi pushes you into the corner the first time you visit Caduceus Station

  • Autopilot with target selection double click
  • Weapon upgrade HUD: Show the weapon changes
  • FoW should fully hide unexplored areas
  • A lot station sizes were increased, giving them a more station-like feel!


  • Mine spawners - pirate fortresses look even more inviting with decorative mine fields around them!
  • Display and compare Laser dps on tooltips
  • Ship Trade HUD: increase linked rendering fps to 60
  • Landable HUD: Support rendering Emitter
  • Menu: Draw the FoW
  • Map Mode: Show the player ship radar range
  • Neptune visual improvements


  • Autopilot evasion with big sprites fail
  • Engine emitter are sometimes drawn over the ship
  • "E" dialog skip does not work sometimes
  • Fix the "The Scheherazade Embargo"
  • Limit the text width of in-space quest info tooltips
  • Do not draw quest target icons for respawning ships
  • Auxilium "Hey! Where are you going?" can still endless loop if Auxilium reached his target pos
  • Menu ships lose emitter after a while
  • Draw area spawner geometry over the FoW
  • Menu ships can collide with the player ship
  • Asteroid impact emitter scaling broken
  • Do not autosave when the script crashed
  • Low texture quality breaks fonts
  • "Simon Boswell" without "teal_visit" respawns when the cad station explodes
  • Savegame upgrade: Create_Simon_Boswell() can be called when the caduceus_station does not exist anymore
  • "Devi's Datacube" dialog can repeat endlessly after savegame load
  • "Can't Chat. Enemies are nearby." should not happen if low affinity ships are nearby but not attacking
  • Save upgrade: Cad station is not unlocked if "Crash Course" has ended
  • "Asuka Langley" script crash
  • Venturas has a wrong identifier
  • A message request calling the fail_callback with a null person crashes the script

Coming up next

  • SKYju's and Nookrium's first quests!
  • More sidequests
  • Let us know what you would like to see

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