Warlander Devblog #21: All Hallows’ Eve

Posted by: Clock Drive Games on steam_community_announcements October 31, 2019

Salutations to all!

Our team at Clock Drive Games is hard at work on this blessed day - from fine-tuning the combat and AI of enemies to creating stunning arenas where you can slice and dice and drawing 2D visuals that will help guide you on your path of vengeance. But! We took some time off from our busy schedule to enjoy the spooky festivities with you. After all, even the Clans celebrate All Hallows Eve as a form of ancestral worship…

Pretty village, pretty flames eh? At least the fires dispel the night’s cold and you can toast a marshmallow on ‘em!

An important rule - be wary of the screaming trees lest you become one with them...

If your dreams take you to a landscape as surreal as this one on the All Hallows’ Eve, remember - do not follow the whispers of the green lights!

That’s it for this blog post! We hope you enjoyed this sneak peek of the game’s environments. Join us on Discord and Facebook, wishlist us on Steam and follow us on Twitter and Youtube!

Have a spooky scary Halloween!

Wreak your path of vengeance in a procedurally generated dark fantasy world, with a unique take on stamina-based combat. Battle in arenas with interactive environment, where every run will be one of a kind. Experience a variety of abilities and power-ups, along with permadeath. Slice, Die, Repeat.

Developer: Clock Drive Games

Publisher: Clock Drive Games