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Update Highlights

Posted by: elZanc0 on steam_community_announcements October 27, 2019



We are moving closer towards the 1.0 release, so we've got all hands full of stuff to do – and a few announcements to make. Scroll down to see the current status of the game and what has changed during Early Access! Join the adventure NOW and become part of the growing Gaia Beyond community.

🐄 Latest update: 'Holy Cow!' (0.12)

A brand-new content update that has become pretty big, check out the trailer and patch note!

Get into the Action!

  • Explore an immersive and dynamic version of our solar system in the future
  • Discover the hidden background story about a war fought not too long ago
  • Dive into the Caduceus storyline with 10 missions and discover the truth behind the Ganymede Flu
  • Find and solve around 40 individual sidequests (more coming!)
  • Decision-making & consequences - influence the fate of characters in the world
  • Fight pirates, hidden [url={STEAM_CLAN_IMAGE}/31944959/35e0021c8047970983e7df1c88fd449f69373117.gif]alien[/url] ships and bosses!
  • Mine dozens of raw materials, upgrade your ship with devices, defensive shields and powerful weapons and turrets
  • Buy OR build yourself over 50 new [url={STEAM_CLAN_IMAGE}/31944959/66f4e32e4dabe83c5ef8b9a5f1d8ccdab049b80b.jpg]spacecrafts[/url]
  • More storylines, sidequests, equipable stuff, ships and features are incoming - prepare yourself!


Story content

  • Reworked beginning 💯
  • More action, more speed, more decisions
  • More NPCs with improved dialog flow
  • Overall decision-making & consequences
  • Bosses and secrets!

    📺 Watch gameplay videos

Original Soundtrack

Miguel has finalized the official Gaia Beyond soundtrack, check it out! Also, meet him in the game at Bartholdy's Bar. ;)


Gameplay features:

  • Hacking
    Currently used on freight containers, this feature is to be expanded in the future.

  • Ship Crafting
    You no longer have to rely solely on ship dealers to expand your fleet - get new blueprints, collect the materials you need and craft them yourself, right in Rajid's garage!

  • Carrier load of ships and weapons!
    • 50 purchasable ships and 40 craftable blueprints
    • Capital ships are now in the game (carrier functionality planned)
    • Upgradable weapons, growing weapon variety
    • Passive devices



Game World

  • Locations
    We added more locations and moons to discover, got rid of a lot of placeholder images 🖼 and polished what was there from the start. A quick compilation:


    Also, you will find more of the following:
    • Local NPCs & traders, asteroid fields, plasma fields, war memorials, hackable containers, hidden chests & threats!


  • Gamepad Support (steady improvements but working)
  • Improved mapping options

Steam achievements


📆 Release: Q2 / 2020

The schedule was moved to the second quarter of 2020 – as we recognize a lot of community requests and want to make sure everything is right for 1.0! This is going to be only a part of the full vision (still a 'finished' game) and our post-release goal is to keep working on it for as long as possible. As you can read from this schedule, we see our game in an advanced state, it just hasn't reached all our goals for the full release yet.

🎃 Spooky things

The Halloween event is going to be activated any midnight now - take your chance to grab the special content this year!

🐢 Warp Turtle

We're proud to announce that we finally founded a company! After more than a year appearing on the store page with our real names, we felt like it was time for a little burocracy...

Let's have a chat on Discord:

Learn more & stay tuned!

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Update 0.15.6

Gaia Beyond - March 17, 2020

This is a bugfix update.

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Gaia Beyond

Gaia Beyond is a handcrafted 2D Action-RPG, an exploration mix built around the core features fighting, mining and trading. Your decisions are footprints within a vast non-linear solar system. Forge alliances among numerous factions and develop relations with hundreds of NPCs.

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